Monday, 20 August 2007

A Very Good Place to Start.

ogretzky99's display figures and gallery.

Gizmo - his gallery have both kinds of moulding - see what I mean? The fist picture shows one moulding - the other shows the other... check out the arms.


Gizmocom said...

Yep, that was where I was going to start for my library! There is a folder in his gallery called 'searching' which has really rare ones too.

Apparently a Spiderman and Dr. Octopus pair sold for $5000 recently!

What amount would you pay for the normal and rare figures?

Brick Street said...

I would and have paid £75 for the normal figures. I have three. A rare one - about £110. I haven't seen one I really would pay thousands for. I'd like a santa - or Steven Speilberg - but wouldn't pay much for them - what about you?

Brick Street said...

What am I saying??? One of those pirates from that toy museum - I'd pay £200 for one of them (I think). That one was fantastic. Silly me.