Friday, 17 August 2007

OK to Include?

OK, so this is not really a scaled-up minifigure. It is more like the proportions of a Jack Stone figure as it has longer limbs. A lot of the park models tend to be done to this scale.

The question is, are these models 'allowed' on this blog? If this is something you would like to see thats fine, please let us know. Likewise, if you feel this is out of place here we won't include ones like this in the future.

Can anyone suggest an appropriate name for this type of display model?


Brick Street said...

If they were allowed - I could find lots of examples to post. I'm not sure about them, because they're not scaled up models of anything, they only exist at this scale. I do see lots of examples where they have been based on minifigure's outfits though.

In 'LEGO - An Ultimate Guide' DK -on page 39 it says the following 'The LEGO Friend will spend its life outdoors, so all the bricks have been glued together...' So LEGO's name for this model is a LEGO Friend. It also gives the following information - 'Each LEGO Friend has roughly 2,400 LEGO Bricks and is about 80cm (2ft 7in) tall.

What I'd like to know is why LEGO chose to make this type of figure and not scaled up minifigures?

If it was up to me - maybe we could have a LEGO Friends week - where we only post this type of model.

Up to you Giz - your call I think.

Gizmocom said...

I have to agree with you Richard. Beacuse they are not really scaled up models, we shouldn't include them. 'LEGO Friend Week' is a great idea for the future though!

Thanks for the information from the DK book about the name and other info. I have this book, but havn't read it for years so had forgotten all about it.

I really need to go through all my LEGO literature again (another LEGO passion of mine) and see if there are other relevant articles.