Saturday, 30 June 2007

My First Post.

This is a cover from Bricks 'N' Pieces Magazine. This magazine was sent to members of the UK LEGO Builders Club.
At this size it looks like the original, however the Crane was built to 20 times the size of the original. Click on the picture to see a larger version.
Brick Street.

Fire Chief's Car

This is a project that I am currently working on. It is a ten scale vesion (ten times the dimension, 1000 times the volume!) of the classic set 6611 from 1981.

You can see the original set sat on the seat in the above picture, so this gives you some idea of the size!

All the pieces can be separated, just like the original set, and then fit together to make the car. I am currently working on the Fire Chief minifigure himself and will post here when it is finally completed.


Welcome to our Scaled-Up Lego Blog!

I am fascinated by building Lego in large scale as it is something that I can get my head around as I struggle to come up with creative idea's. I see this as more of a mathematical/visual challenge (although some people have said it is still creative!).

I hope that people with an interest in scale building or LEGO in general will find something of interest here!

This is a joint blog with Brick Steet (see links to his excellent Cafe Corner blog) and I hope he will add a few words here too....

Hi - From Brick Street...

I love Scaled up LEGO models too. I hope to add some scans from Bricks 'N' Pieces Magazines as well as some creations of my own. We will also be searching through Brickshelf to gather together MOCs from all over the world.

Happy Building.