Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Minifig Diver

( First post for a while ... sorry!)

I went to the Weymouth Sea Life Centre, UK last week and saw this Diver they have on the admission desk. Other pictures of models in the park and more Diver shots can be seen here.


Brick Street said...

That's interesting. Its rare for LEGO to make a figure like this that actually looks like a minifig... They usually build the ones with longer legs and rounded feet. I did notice that it does have the 4 x 4 brick nose though.

What do you think of the taller figures?

Gizmocom said...

If you mean the Jack Stone lookalikes, than they are OK, they are LEGO after all!

I much prefer the Minifig based ones, you are going to love what I have to blog about in the coming days!

Gizmocom said...

I think the nose bit that sticks out is only a 1x1 brick. Still, I don't see why they added it, It would have looked fine without it.