Monday, 20 August 2007

3723 Official LEGO 'Maxifig' Set

I decided to make this set recently after recent comments and other highlighted custom Maxifigs that people had made.
I never bought the set at the time because it was pretty expensive and I waited to long for it to be on sale! I built the set from the instructions available at Peeron and by pieces I already had. I had to compromise on some pieces as I did not always have the correct parts, but the finished model is the same. There is a lot of 'L' shaped bricks and plates in the set and they are not always easy to get hold of. I also used a lot of my green plate for the hat!

I do have some LEGO logo stickers from the Promo Truck set that I thought of using, but I personally think it looks better without them (like most sets).

I have to agree with Richard that there is something wrong with the proportions, especially with the limbs. It's also a strange choice of colour, but I think it looks pretty nice as a display piece rather than a true scaled-up Minifig.


Brick Street said...

No - comment - you've said it all.

R - lol

Gizmocom said...

Sorry, did i say too much. I thought I might have been going on a bit!

Brick Street said...

No - of course not - its your blog too, I remember in your first e-mail you said you could talk about LEGO all day - well me too.

All I meant is I'm not a fan of this set as I'd said before (you encapsulated everything I'd said). I was trying to be funny.

I wish you'd got MSN - so we can have a proper chat.

Gizmocom said...

I will try and set it up tonight. Theres always the Chatroom on Brickish if you want to give that a try? I think it's always empty!

I havn't seen any posts on there recently, do you still check it?

Brick Street said...

Check your e-mail.

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