Sunday, 12 August 2007

18x Scale Fireman Minifig

This has to be my favourite scaled up figure yet!

It is about 18:1 scale and is a glued model so would have been part of a shop display or used at a promotional event.

His limbs are all articulated and they are held in place by the use of wing-nuts inside to keep them in position.

His head and top of shoulders come off to be able to access the body cavity to tighten the arms.

This is the same figure that I am currently working on, but mine is only 1:10 scale to fit my Fire Chief's car.

This is another piece (like the bubble bath figures and the 30:1 scale workman) from the amazing collection of Phil Traviss which I was lucky enough to see recently. There are still more to come!


Brick Street said...

I bet your legs went weak when you saw this for the first time. This model is exactly the same scale as Archie - probably made by the smae people at the same time. In the article in Bricks 'n' Pieces, they mentioned that they would be making lots of different types if figures.

Brick Street said...

I found the quote - 'Duffy and his team of model builders have been working on several scale models of LEGO sets to use is shop displays around the country. They have produced models of LEGO figures ranging from firemen and policemen to knights and castle sets. All these figures are 1:20 scale models.

Gizmocom said...

Thanks for the background information, very interesting! I have another one the same scale to post about tomorrow!

Brick Street said...

Yey - Can't wait. I'm just pleased to find out that they still exist and weren't thrown away.

Gizmocom said...

Phil has two of these Fireman, exactly the same in his collection (lucky man!) so I think most of them are still out there somewhere, but he has been collection shop displays for 20 years or so.

I also know someone who has an Archie, or one very much like it. I will try and find out if it is exactly the same one.

I took loads of detailed close up pictures of this model, so a future plan is to recreate it as best as I can when I have saved up enough bricks!

Speaking to Phil, unfortunately there has been stuff in the past that was destroyed (before he could get it!). There was a full size car from a few years ago that was broken up and skipped! Also I think the Fire Helicopter from the Blackpool display was destroyed also :(

Brick Street said...

I know that a lot of the models end up in a skip. I heard from someone who works at the Hamley's Warehouse - that the models displayed in Hamley's are taken back to the warehouse and destroyed (thrown in a skip). The LEGO Company doesn't recall them because its too expensive for them to be stored.