Monday, 13 August 2007

Another 20x Scale Minifig!

Another fantastic classic Minifig at 20x scale. This one is in fantastic condition, hardly any fading and the colours are still very bright.


Brick Street said...

This is the figure from this display

Gizmocom said...

Yes it is! It didn't register with me at all that it could have been from that display!

One strange thing is that when I looked at it I measured it as 18x scale because one foot (including half the middle gap) is 18 studs, so width wide at least it should be 18x, not 20x. It would be interesting to know how wide one of the bricks was in the crane, but I guess we will never know ...

Actually the really giant Workman figure I posted about recently should really be 28x not 30x going by the same method, but I just rounded it up.

Brick Street said...

I know what you mean - but really you should take the width of the body section as the measurement. On these particular models they overhang either side of the legs by 1 brick on each side (making 20x). If you look at real minifig legs, they slant outwards from top to bottom. It is difficult to model this, so the distance between the feet has been reduced to give the effect.
The article's in Bricks 'n' Pieces say that these figures are 20:1.
Hope that wasn't too boring.

Gizmocom said...

Not boring at all! I actually hadn't realised about this slight slope before. I knew the torso stuck out a bit, but didn't realise the legs slope outwards to compensate.

I need the legs on my Fireman to be the same width as a scaled-up 2-wide plate so it sits on a seat properly, so I might have to change my thinking for this one a bit!

Gizmocom said...

I am going to go back and change some previous posts so they read 20x, not 18.

I am also going to try and put together a standard format for the labels as they seem to be a bit hit and miss at the moment and it would be good to be able to easily filter to see just 20:1 scale figures, or all articles from Bricks 'n' Pieces, for example.