Sunday, 23 September 2007

Thank you.

I'd like to say a HUGE Scaled-up thank you to Darren and Claire for letting me stay this weekend - its just what I needed after my extremely busy week at work.

It was fun taking a trip down memory lane too. Hopefully I will be able to visit again and you vice versa.

I saw an advert for the Train Show on the way home too - how spooky.




Gizmocom said...

It was a complete pleasure to have you to stay, you are very welcome anytime.

Where did you see the advert for the train show in Swindon? That it very interesting, there should be a big turnout then!


Brick Street said...

I was looking out of the train window and I just saw it... we were nearly at London - it was a professionally made sign. It was hanging on the side of some train sheds - maybe it was in Swindon??? I don't really know whare Swindon is???

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