Sunday, 16 September 2007

Same Scale.

Are these two new minifig sculptures the same scale? - What do you think Gizmo?

It would be brilliant if LEGO sculptors are making 'real' minifigs now instead of 'Friends'. I guess over the ten years or so that the 'Friends' have been displayed there could have been a shift in opinion about them - or even a new generation of designers (who favour the traditional minifigs).

Fingers crossed. (Now - they just need to work on that nose!).


Gizmocom said...

Yes, I think this is the start of a new era in minifig sculptures!

Both of them have been made very recently and also TLC don't actually make any of those strange 'Jack Stone' figures in sets now (do they?) so it makes sense they base it on current products instead.

Unfortuntely, the nose seems to be a leftover detail from the 'friends'. Minifigs don't have noses, so what are they thinking! Alos, the hands are a bit didgy, they need to curl back in at the ends (fingers?) so they can actually grasp things.

I doubt there is only one astronaut, there is at about 20 divers (that I was told about) so I expect that roughly the same amount of the astronauts were made for this and shop displays etc.

Let's hope to see more of these soon (without the nose!)

Gizmocom said...

Mr. Typo strikes again! They haven't just invented new words, so that sentance in the 3rd paragraph should read;
"Also, the hands are a bit dodgy..."

Brick Street said...

lol... Basically - They should ask us to build them next time they have an order.

Any pics of your Fireman coming soon??? I want to know about how you atatched the arms... were drills involved etc (need details).

Gizmocom said...
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Gizmocom said...

(Deleted and re-posted due to very poor typo's, even for me!!)

Yes, I will post about my firemen soon. Actually I am not totally happy with the way the arms are held on yet.

The arm is held on with a bolt and wingnut through holes in technic bricks, just like the glued LEGO ones, which seems to be working fine. The problem I have is holding the technic brick at the correct angle and not easily pulling free of the structure because of the weight of the arm. This doesn't happen on the LEGO ones, because it is glued!

This is a very poor explantion, but I will try and post some picture to show you and hopefully you can suggest something better!