Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Mars Mission Astronaut

There is a competitition in the latest LEGO Club magazine (arrived today) to win this 12:1 scale Astronaut based on the new Mars Mission sets. I will certainly be entering!

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, but I had to photograph them as I don't have a scanner :(


Brick Street said...

What's the betting it will turn up on Ebay within a week anyway.. lol. It looks very detailed - is that a full page picture?

Gizmocom said...

It would be nice to get a chance to bid on it, but I do prefer some of the others. It think it would appeal to me a lot more if it had a visor that was movable.

Yes, that is a full page in the magazine, you can just about tell in the 2nd picture, although I might have cropped it a bit too much!