Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Harry Potter

Even though I missed out on Spidey, I did buy this! I know you don't particularly like this model Richard :-) but it was reasonably priced so I went for it! I think Hagrid is going to be harder to find ... It is actually in excellent condition.

This Harry Potter model was a prize in Toys'R'Us stores in the UK (and possibly Europe?) and I think that stores had one each to give away as a prize. The US had a different one (as far as I know) which is shown below.

I much prefer my one, but there is one interesting feature with the legs on this model. They have tried to get over the fact the legs slope outward towards the bottom (thanks Richard :-) by actually stepping it out a brick half way down. It looks rather weird! The hands are a lot better than the Euro one though as they can actually hold stuff!

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