Sunday, 1 July 2007

Fabulous Collection.

ogretzky99's Collection of large minfigs and bricks.
See more here LINK.


Gizmocom said...

Wow, this is a great Brickshelf find of a wonderful collection. I have a large 2x4 Red brick,19" figure with the red jacket and castle shield design and the two bubble bath ones, so nothing much compared to this!

I have always wanted more, but they are always so expensive. I have never even seen some of those before, love the Santa!

Brick Street said...

I have three of the 19" figures - three of the bubble bath figures and six of the Desk Pals. I don't have these bricks, but I have some of the soft bricks and the lunch box etc.

They are expensive!!! Santa doesn't appear very often in auctions, but when he does they usually ask for over £1000.

Gizmocom said...

I think I will get 3 Santa's then :)

I forgot about the deskpals. I have a boy one, but it is different to the one you have (see latest post). Mine has red horizontal stripes.