Friday, 20 July 2007

Brickshelf lives!!

It looks like Brickshelf will be surving and will offer $5 a month 'premium' accounts to pay for itself. It will be interesting to see what extra benefits this gives.

They say the free accounts will still exist, which is very good news indeed, as it will mean all the prevoius posts in this blog should still work.

Many thanks to everyone involved in this decision, it's great news!

See here for the full story


Bruce said...


Not actually a response to this post, except to say Yay!, but I'd been meaning to say that I discovered this blog recently and think it's a fun idea. Did you see this picture, from a meeting of the Brickish Association?


brickeens said...

Yeah, a ton of lego communitys were in panic about brickshelf going down. I'm glad its back though. :) I hope to see more scaled up creations from this blog soon. :)


Gizmocom said...

Hi Bruce,
Yes, I had seen that picture before as I was actually there! I am a member of the Brickish Association and that was a competition to bring a scaled-up brick. I actually won the competition with the first version of my Fire Chief's car (see 2nd post on this blog) and am now the proud owner of a Hobby Train set!