Thursday, 5 July 2007

886 Space Buggy in 12x Scale

Derek Raycraft has some excellent scaled-up creations over at MOCpages.

Richard has already highlighted the 1620 Astro Dart set, but here is another of his 12x scale creations.

He has also made a classic space minifig in Red.

I would love to know how the gearing in the legs work as I am currently trying to sort something out like that for my 10 scale fireman, so if you are reading this Derek, please let me know!
Excellent work!


brickeens said...

Those are really good. The design on the minfigs suits look just right.
The box looks tiny compared to the large version. Now all he needs to do is build a large scale box to fit it into. :P
PS are you a BZPower member?


Gizmocom said...

I was planning on doing scaled up instructions and a box for my Fire Chief's car. Can you imagine walking around with that and then upacking and starting to build it!

No, I am not a BZPower member. I had to look it up as I hadn't heard of it before, but I am not really into bionicles, so it probably wouldn't interest me. Let me know if I got it wrong and it is not just about that!

brickeens said...

Well it is mainly a Bionicle fansite. But they have a lego forum as well. The moderating is superb on the site and I really enjoy being on it. The forums are down at the moment as far as I know though. :(