Tuesday, 8 April 2008

6 scale 375 Classic Castle !

Where do I start with this! This castle was built by Duncan Titmarsh, fellow member of the Brickish Association in the UK and was mostly assembled in the last 4 weeks believe it or not!

Check out this picture to really get a sense of the scale of it! (The original size set is on the table to the right).
I was lucky enough to get to help build and take this apart at the Brickish AGM in Sheffield at the weekend. It really is amazing how big this is and you know it is a big LEGO model if you need to look up at it! I always wanted to know how what it felt like to be a borrower :)

The hinges on the castle worked like the official set and proved very handy for the steady stream of people who wanted to get inside it. (Duncan is the guy inside the castle in the earlier picture).
The attention to detail is amazing, even the drawbridge can be raised and lowered. I will talk about the figures in a separate post or this will get too big.

Congratulations Duncan, this certainly raises the bar in terms of scale building and part of me just wants to give up now as this is way out of my league!

You can see the full gallery of pictures here. I hope you agree that we are back with a bang!

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