Saturday, 24 May 2008

King Penguin!

A LEGO shop display piece I recently acquired. Although the individual piece are glued together, they were seperately moulded, so there might well be single pieces available in these shapes.

The scale is approx. 11:1, you can see the regular sized LEGO version on his head!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Costume fun!

When we were doing our display at Windsor recently we were sharing a changing room with some large figure costume props and had a bit of a play!

Indiana Jones 'Friend'

We don't normally feature the 'friend' size shop display figures on this blog (i.e. the ones with longer legs and proportioned like the Jack Stone figures and not proper minifigures) but I thought this one was worth the web space!

I spotted this one on the top of a retail shelf in 'The Big Shop' in LEGOLAND Windsor.

I don't know why they continue to do figures like this when there are no minifigures like this in current sets, why can't we have a proper minifigure? Anyway, enough of me moaning about that, it is Indiana Jones after all!

x20 Technic Dinosaur!

OK, so this isn't a new model and you have probably seen it before, but this 20:1 scale Technic Dinosaur from the official set 8485 is in the Windsor LEGOLAND park, near the imagination centre. This was the first time I had managed to get a decent photo of it.

It is actually the biggest model in the park. I thought I built big at 10:1 scale!

6 Scale Horse ... finished!

I did manage to get our horse finished for the recent display at LEGOLAND Windsor as part of the world record LEGO tower celebrations. I even had time to do a proper rider and saddle!

And here is a shot of it on display in Windsor.

There are more pictures from the event in this folder along with a some dodgy geezers behind the horse :)

Sunday, 4 May 2008


This excellent Batman sculputre (inspired by the 3723 official Minifig Sculpture) was designed by Deane VanLuven. There is fantastastic detailing (using SNOT) on the torso.
You can see more pictures on his JadedReality homepage. (Many thanks to Bricktales for letting me know about this and the Lugnet post).