Wednesday, 14 November 2007

My Spiderman!

After mising out on one of these as blogged here;
I decided to go for it when they same person had another one for sale. It actually looks a lot nicer in the flesh (or should that be brick!) than in the auction photos.

An interesting thing is that it got sent to me in the original packing box which had some interesting info on the label. It gives the year, serial number and the country and name of company that built him. I had heard that all the display models that more than one are made are produced are made in the Czech Republic, so this confirms it.
I am also interested about the 'SM04' part of the name. I wonder if this is the 4th model they did in this type, or if there was other Spiderman models?

There are a couple of different views over in my flickr gallery

(1st post for a long while... sorry Richard! I have very busy clearing my house out to make room for more LEGO!! or so people can actually sleep in a bed when they come to stay :)


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